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DISCLAIMER: The results of this challenge may vary from person to person and based on your commitment towards your diet and following the plan provided.

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We’re completely committed to changing lives and transforming people physically, mentally and spiritually.

Our community doesn’t stop when the class ends.
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Laura Mundy
Laura Mundy
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Highly recommend the team at BoT for anyone looking for the right place to transform their life. Truly professional, dedicated, passionate, knowledgeable and warm staff. It feels like you’re going to see your extended family when you go to workout at BoT. The community vibe is second to none. Awesome bunch of people and exercising is actually fun and addictive, who’d have thought!
Christian Oakley
Christian Oakley
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It was awesome to be welcomed there. What a magnificent group of people. Thank you for having me!
Jay Okey
Jay Okey
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Great place to train if you're after long terms results and a supportive community.

Surround Yourself With people on the same mission as you

Our community environment means you’re always supported in your fitness journey.

Whether you’re starting out, coming back, or a regular, there’s always someone who’s at the same level.

Pride in the pack

"Like the wolf, we are stronger as a pack"

At Back on Track, we’ve built a close-knit community of members who all have one goal in common: to get the best from themselves.

If you’re looking for a fitness experience that is focussed on building a supportive community, talk to us today.

meet your head trainer

Brydon Coles


As CEO and Founder of Back on Track on Fitness – Brydon began a sporting career playing VFL, but soon decided he could do more as a personal trainer. Like anyone with passion, he threw himself into the role, studying every type of health and fitness course available: nutrition, kettle bells, boxing, functional movement, stretching, and many more. Because of his dedication, he quickly became a highly sought-after trainer and that’s when he decided to open his own studio called Back on Track Fitness.

Brydon had built up an amazing community of members and before long opened a second studio.

But Brydon still felt there was more he could do. Having worked with thousands of people, he wanted to use his extensive knowledge to create an online training program that got results. He knew women would feel more comfortable around other women, so he created an exclusive training program for women.

Brydon Coles - owner Back on Track Fitness

What You'll Get

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If You Lose 10% of Your Body Weight in 8 Weeks, You'll Win Your Money Back!

Work With a Personal Trainer in Small Groups

Meal Plans Suited To Your Goals - No Starvation

Kick-off Seminar - Learn How to Succeed

Exclusive Health Tips from Our Nutritionist

24/7 Support Group - Online and in-person

Together, let's reach your goals!

full refund guarantee

100% money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the Challenge.

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*The results of this challenge may vary from person to person and based on your commitment towards your diet and following the plan provided. 

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8 Week Challenge

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8 Week Challenge

Register now to Claim Your FREE PT Session!